Is It Possible to Be A Solo Traveler in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong is a great destination where you can spend your holiday in. It is one of the modern cities in the world that offers lots of sophistication. Whether you come as a budget or high-cost traveler, this city is a good one to visit. There are lots of things that you can have during your holiday in this city. Shopping, entertainment, amazing foods are all available here. Well, If you want to come here as a solo traveler, don’t worry! You can enjoy your holiday without feeling lonely since this city has easy access that enables you to go to your desired destinations.

Prepare Your Amazing Trip in Hong Kong

Meanwhile, if you plan to visit Hong Kong, it is recommended for you to spend at least three days within 4 nights here. It is because you can visit several well-known places and taste the local food in timely mannered. On the other hand, there are several things that you need to prepare before starting your holiday. Even though Hong Kong pleased you with easy access everywhere; you need to prepare anything in advance to ease your traveling. Moreover, when you are a solo traveler, make sure that you already create to-do list so that all the things are well prepared.

Tips to Travel to Hong Kong

Itinerary, cost and phone connections are the essentials when you go traveling. To create good memories in Hong Kong, just prepare them with good time estimation. In order to make it as amazing days in Hong Kong, there are several things that you should know when you travel here. This may help you to ease your holiday journey.

  • Airport express

If you arrive in Hong Kong, all you need to do is taking transportation from the airport to the hotel or place that you will stay during your holiday. It is suggested to get airport express which can connect you to the Hong Kong island only in 25 minutes. Before you take the train, you need to purchase the ticket first. It is highly recommended to purchase it online since you can get 30% off normal price. It is cheaper right?

  • Octopus Card

What is Octopus Card? This one will get your life easier in Hong Kong. It is a kind of debit card which offers you lots of easiness, such as, paying MTR tickets, ferry, tram, and even purchase foods by only scanning it to the card reader. It is good for you to buy the card at the airport for your ease.

  • Get into the City

When you are in Hong Kong, you are suggested to reserve a hotel in the Central of the city. This is the best one since you may find it super easy access on foods and transportation; you can also feel the modernity here. There are lots of low and high-cost hotels that you can find in the city. Book it earlier on Agoda and find the best one that suits your budget.

  • Try Dim Sum

Last but not least, if you visit Hong Kong, do not forget to try Dim Sum here. The recommended one is Dim Sum Square when you can have a delightful Dim Sum tour under $30. It is worth it, right?

Those are the essentials things that you need to know when you travel to Hong Kong. In addition, you can also visit several famous places, such as Disneyland, Madame Tussauds, Victoria Park, and so on. Make the itinerary as good as you do and create amazing memories there. Your solo traveling will never be boring since you will find so many great things there that you can share with the people afterward.