Best Recommendations of Food that You Must Try in Seoul


Seoul is a city which offers so many attractions for you. As good as its K-Pop and K-Drama, Seoul has been a favorite destination to the people in the worlds. Those two factors have impacted the people’s imagery towards Seoul. Many people think that visiting Seoul brings their fantasy in K-Drama to the real world. In this city, you will find so many tourist attractions, such as the Han Gang River, Namsan Tower, Gyeongbuk-gung Palace, and so on. Besides, you can also visit several places where most scenes in K-Drama are taken in Seoul so that you can feel the atmosphere as if you are the cast of your favorite ones and smart tips for exploring Seoul.

Delightful Culinary Trip in Seoul

Visiting Seoul as your K-Drama scenes journey will be going more amazing when you also taste the foods. Those who are K-Drama lovers, you must have understood when you watch the actress enjoy his or her eating scenes. This is very mouthwatering. Moreover, Seoul gives you thousands choice to let you taste the food and drinks. You can find lots of coffee shops, Korean Traditional restaurants, and Korean street foods here. Yeah, the culinary tour is a must to-do-list when you are visiting this city. Therefore, be ready to taste lots of amazing foods which are highly recommended to try.

Basically, almost all of Korean food is delicious and has a taste which can be accepted by most of the tourists. Get your opportunities to try foods that you often find them in Korean drama. Here are several recommendations to have a great culinary trip that you must try in Seoul:

  • Korean Fried Chicken

Did you ever see on the drama that someone ordered and ate fried chicken at home and you find it so delightful? Yes, Korean Chicken is the best! There are lots of Korean Fried Chicken restaurants that you can find in Seoul. Something that makes it very special is the sauce as it is available in some variants, such as, honey mustard, garlic sauce, hot and spicy sauce, and cheesy sauce.

  • Korean Rice Cake

Korean Rice Cake or called as Tteokpokki is one that you often see in K-Drama. You may find the actor or actress eat in a food truck tasting the rice cake in bloody chili sauce. Get your chance to try this in Seoul. There are so many food trucks which sell this food. You can also try the other side dishes when you have the rice cake, such as twigim (fried vegetables) and odeng (fish cake).

  • Bibimbap

Another food that you have to try is Bibimbab. It contains rice completed with vegetables as the condiments and raw egg in the center. It is seasoned by gochgujang or known as Korean Chili Paste. Before eating, you need to stir until all of them are mixed well.

  • Ramyeon

Ramyeon is known as the instant noodle. It might be seen as less special than all that has been mentioned before, but if you feel like in a K-drama, you can try to have this in a convenient store. Yes, Korean people like to do this when they are going home late. You can find so many kinds of noodles in a convenient store and cook it by yourself.

  • Bulgogi

It is a Korean beef soup which tastes so delicious. You will have this with warm rice and side dishes. Please try this one when you are in Seoul.

Those are only several recommendations of foods that you can try so that you can try what you see on the drama. Actually, there are so many foods that you can try since Korean street foods serve you lots of choices that you never try before. Moreover, you can find them in so many famous places in Seoul, such as Hongdae, Myeong-dong, Insa-dong, Gangnam, and etc. Go visit Seoul and taste your favorite K-food!

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Boost Your Joy of Holiday in Hong Kong Disneyland


Hong Kong is well-known as a city which offers millions of entertainment. There are lots of amazing things that you can find here. This city also becomes one of the great destinations in Asia from people around the world. One of the favorite places that tourists like to visit in Hong Kong Disneyland. Even though Disneyland has opened the branches in several countries in the world, but Hong Kong Disneyland will not be taken for granted from people’s heart. This place has been giving joy and cheers for the people who visit it. Moreover, you will meet your favorite characters that you like since you were kids.

If you are in a plan to visit Hong Kong, Disneyland is a must place to visit. Put this place inside your itinerary since it is suitable for people of any age. Both kids and adults will enjoy spending the holiday here. Not only about your favorite characters, but also lots of attractions you can meet which can elevate your fantasy towards your favorite cartoon.

Great Disneyland Attractions

Physically, it looks the same as Disneyland in others countries like Japan or USA. This amusement park is served with a park which is called the Main Street USA. Here, you will find so many shops and restaurants which visitors can shop here. At the end of the Main Street, you will find about six attractions, such as Grizzly Gulch, Tomorrowland, Mystic Point, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land, and Adventureland.

Every attraction offers a different atmosphere. Here are some reviews that can be used as your reference:

  • Grizzly Gulch

It is a land which is featured as rocky as geysers. Here you can play as if you are in the Wild West. Here, you can also break your adrenaline by getting on a roller coaster.

  • Tomorrowland

This is the most favorite attraction of the tourist so, be ready for getting in a long queue. This place has several rides that you can try, such as Iron Man experience, Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear Astro. It would be such a cool experience when you can fly as an Iron Man. In addition, you can also get an amazing roller coaster enhanced with nightscape in the Mountain.

  • Mystic Point

This comes as a large mansion, you may get a ride which you can feel haunted atmosphere here. This is frightening but it is cool!

  • Fantasyland

This attraction is mainly themed as a fairy tale where you can get a ride on a carousel which is built as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. In addition, you will also meet your favorite characters when you were kids, such as Mickey and Minnie, Donald, and so on.

  • Toy Story Land

This land is created as if you are a part of the Toy Story movie. Meeting huge things and you can get on several rides here.

  • Adventureland

You will get on a boat seeing on the sides which is the park is created as Tarzan’s Treehouse. In addition, you can see a Lion King Show amused by talented once here.

Those are several attractions of Disneyland in Hong Kong that you can enjoy. Besides them all, you can also meet the parades along the way of the Disneyland which is full of fun. You will never feel boring even you come here more than one time.

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Starting Your Solo Travelling Without Messy Planning


For everyone who is looking for a great experience for solo traveling, there are lots of things you can experience when you go alone. Traveling solo is one of the most effective ways to improve responsibility, bravery, and even creativity. By doing solo traveling, you will find a new sensation of being alone in a new place. Many people are excited by the idea of traveling solo, but there are also some people who are afraid of wandering alone in a new place and enjoy disney land Hong Kong. If you are planning your first solo traveling, you can get more information from this article.

The Benefits of Solo Travelling for Yourself

Traveling alone is a trend as many people are looking for serenity and simplicity when getting in the trip plan. In this case, there are some benefits of solo traveling you can get:

  1. You will have a quality time with yourself when you can make peace with your past and you can also explore more about yourself. By traveling solo, you will have a time for yourself, without having to think about what other people are thinking about you.
  2. Traveling solo will also help you to improve your ability in problem-solving. Many solo travelers are getting more independent and brave. They can also improve their language skill, making solo traveling more exciting for the newbies.
  3. When you decide to solo traveling, you will be free and be yourself. You don’t have to be afraid of not having the same perception on your traveling trip. You can book any kind of hotel room, transportation options, and others.

How to Plan Your First Solo Travelling

If you are looking for a good start for your solo traveling, then you need to know how to plan your solo traveling itinerary. In this case, you can plan the trip into some parts that will be important for your traveling in the destination. Here are some simple tips you can follow when you want to be happy with your traveling experience.

  1. Before you go, you can choose a place that is suitable for your taste. Determine your destination for traveling, making sure that you know the public transportation and other aspects of your traveling plan. You can also search the information about the local foods and other affordable food options while you’re in the destination.
  2. Make sure you have travel insurance. It is important to cover your health and also your belongings. Some insurances are providing you the insurance for the gadget during your trip, so it must be beneficial for you to try. You can also get the insurance of delayed flights and also the missing luggage.
  3. You need to also know how your financial condition is. If you have a limited budget, so keep in the limited expense for the trip. If you want to enjoy something more comfortable, you might want to change the destination to the more affordable places or you can postpone your trip until you have enough money.
  4. Always be aware of any risky condition when you are on your trip. When you have anything that is suitable for your condition, you might want to choose the protection so you will be protected. In this case, you can choose some protections and ‘weapons’ like pepper spray.
  5. For the accommodation and foods, you might want to get more trusted reviews from the fellow travelers. In this case, there is some platform in which you can find the reviews of restaurants, hotels and other places in the world. You can choose them and get the best solution for your trip.

Those are some tips for you who are planning to have your first solo traveler. Don’t hesitate to choose the best trip planning before you can find the most attractive experience in the destination. So, you need to be happy and enjoy your trip!

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The Battle of White Water River Rafting in Bali


If you have a plan to go to Bali, you might think about the beautiful beaches and the comfortable resorts on the island. But, Bali is not only limited to that kind of paradise. If you want to explore more, there are some Bali tours and activities that will make your trip to Bali becomes more unforgettable. Water rafting Bali has become one of the most attractive things you can do while you explore this beautiful island. But, there are two main whitewater rivers that are favorable for the tourists, which are Telaga Raja River and Ayung River. In this article, we’ll give you a comparison of those two rivers for water rafting activity.

The Review of Telaga Raja River

If you want to choose Telaga Raja River as your water rafting location, you can get the best experience as it is fun and challenging. In this case, you can get some reviews about this beautiful river for water rafting. Located in Karangasem, you will get a lot of fun when getting in the 2.5 hours of rafting.

  1. Telaga Raja provides 16 kilometers rack for water rafting, making it as the longest water rafting track for the tourist. Of course, it will also make you feel more comfortable when you get there as there are many amenities and easy access from the road to the location.
  2. The location is also comfortable for refreshing as it is far from any pollution source. The pristine nature will make you look in awe as you get in the most fun and attractive experience when you are there.
  3. Although it might seem fun and attractive, you can also feel the difficulty when you meet several shallow areas in the river, making you have to do extra effort to get the trip done. The long track is also a challenge for everyone who is getting in this water rafting Bali

Ayung River Water Rafting Review

You can also get the best experience when you go to Ayung River which is located in Ubud. This place is also a great location as there are so many beautiful places to see and visit around Ubud. Of course, this is a simple getaway place in Bali.

  1. The track is quite long, but not as long as Telaga Raja. In Ayung River, you will get to follow the track of 10 kilometers river, which is also a great start for you if you want to have a mid-length track. The place is also suitable for beginners who are not experienced in water rafting.
  2. As you explore the river, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery from Ubud nature. There are so many beautiful places you can see in this area. From the stone carving to the beautiful walls, you will get the best experience in it.
  3. This place might be beautiful, but you have to walk quite far from the lobby to the location for rafting preparation. But, there are many facilities in this place such as a restaurant and restroom.

So, those are the comparisons between Telaga Raja and Ayung River as the location of white water rafting Bali. Every place has its own positive reviews. But, have you decide which one to go?

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