The Battle of White Water River Rafting in Bali


If you have a plan to go to Bali, you might think about the beautiful beaches and the comfortable resorts on the island. But, Bali is not only limited to that kind of paradise. If you want to explore more, there are some Bali tours and activities that will make your trip to Bali becomes more unforgettable. Water rafting Bali has become one of the most attractive things you can do while you explore this beautiful island. But, there are two main whitewater rivers that are favorable for the tourists, which are Telaga Raja River and Ayung River. In this article, we’ll give you a comparison of those two rivers for water rafting activity.

The Review of Telaga Raja River

If you want to choose Telaga Raja River as your water rafting location, you can get the best experience as it is fun and challenging. In this case, you can get some reviews about this beautiful river for water rafting. Located in Karangasem, you will get a lot of fun when getting in the 2.5 hours of rafting.

  1. Telaga Raja provides 16 kilometers rack for water rafting, making it as the longest water rafting track for the tourist. Of course, it will also make you feel more comfortable when you get there as there are many amenities and easy access from the road to the location.
  2. The location is also comfortable for refreshing as it is far from any pollution source. The pristine nature will make you look in awe as you get in the most fun and attractive experience when you are there.
  3. Although it might seem fun and attractive, you can also feel the difficulty when you meet several shallow areas in the river, making you have to do extra effort to get the trip done. The long track is also a challenge for everyone who is getting in this water rafting Bali

Ayung River Water Rafting Review

You can also get the best experience when you go to Ayung River which is located in Ubud. This place is also a great location as there are so many beautiful places to see and visit around Ubud. Of course, this is a simple getaway place in Bali.

  1. The track is quite long, but not as long as Telaga Raja. In Ayung River, you will get to follow the track of 10 kilometers river, which is also a great start for you if you want to have a mid-length track. The place is also suitable for beginners who are not experienced in water rafting.
  2. As you explore the river, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery from Ubud nature. There are so many beautiful places you can see in this area. From the stone carving to the beautiful walls, you will get the best experience in it.
  3. This place might be beautiful, but you have to walk quite far from the lobby to the location for rafting preparation. But, there are many facilities in this place such as a restaurant and restroom.

So, those are the comparisons between Telaga Raja and Ayung River as the location of white water rafting Bali. Every place has its own positive reviews. But, have you decide which one to go?